USC Society of Physics Students

 We're a physics club passionate about discussing concepts in physics that have both fascinating and practical implications. We believe that understanding and appreciating physics is not exclusive to only those who major in science!

More About Us

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Society of Physics Students at USC is to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of physics and related fields among our members and the wider USC community. We aim to achieve this by stimulating an awareness of current events within the physics community, bringing together like-minded individuals for fellowship and learning, and working to improve diversity and inclusion within the physics and astronomy department at USC. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong passion for physics and create a supportive community for all who share this passion.

Our Activities & Resources

Professional Support

We hope to connect undergraduate students with academic and industry experts to support students' career planning process.

Academic Support

We aim to provide undergraduates  with a range of academic resources to promote a better understanding of physics and all related fields. On top of keeping students informed about the various resources available to them at USC, we also host various academic and skill development workshops.

Club Events

We host events providing undergraduate students opportunities to gain insights into industry and academia, connect with peers and faculty, and learn about recently impactful discoveries and works!